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Corporate Services Department

Human Resources

Human Resources is comprised of several functional business units providing professional human resources services and policies to the employees, departments, and Council of the Region.

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The Human Resources Division (HR) provides service, support and guidance to all staff levels of the organization and to those members of the public at large who may be interested in working for the Region or providing HR-related services.

Through four key divisions (Administration, HR Departmental Services, Labour Relations and Organization & Employee Services) HR aims to ensure that the Region of Durham is seen as an employer of choice and that all staff and members of the public with whom we deal are treated fairly and equitably, all while being aware of our fiscal responsibilities on behalf of Council and all Regional taxpayers.

Departmental Services

The Human Resources Departmental Services (HRDS) is responsible for developing and implementing effective recruitment and selection policies, collective agreement interpretation and administration, grievance processing, human resource policies, general human resource advice, attendance support, disciplinary matters and labour relations inquiries. Maintaining good union/management working relationships is a constant goal.

HRDS Managers, Analysts and Assistants provide excellent customer service to the client department directly on the front line.


Labour Relations

The Labour Relations Unit is responsible for the negotiation of all collective agreements in the Region of Durham. The six different local collective agreements all pertain to different occupations, areas of service, and employment issues. Maintaining good union/management working relationships is a constant goal. This Unit is also responsible for working with Departmental Services to address collective agreement administration, interpretation and other union-related issues.

Beyond collective bargaining, this Unit handles the Region’s labour arbitrations, mediations as well as matters before the Ontario Labour Relations Board.


Organization & Employee Services

Organization and Employee Services serves as a central resource to all Regional departments in order to meet legislative and organizational requirements for creating a healthy workplace and a competitive reward system.

The Organization and Employee Services Unit is comprised of the following sections:

Benefits and Pension is responsible for providing guidance to employees, their representatives and management on pension and benefit programs including: Extended Health, Dental, Life Insurance and the OMERS pension plan and providing employee and management training programs including retirement planning.  Benefits and Pension staff work closely with insurance companies and a variety of government agencies to insure optimum coverage while containing costs and meeting service obligations.

Compensation is responsible for effective and current job evaluation and pay determination systems that support the organization’s strategies, goals and values and are credible, fair and equitable. This includes ensuring all new and changed jobs are properly documented and evaluated. Compensation staff also assists management with structuring jobs that utilize their current human resources efficiently and effectively.

Health, Safety & Wellness provides professional advice and program development related to occupational health services, wellness and health and safety legislative compliance initiatives.  Staff of this section work toward continually improving our health and safety record, as measured by accident/incident statistics, cost reductions related to claims management activities, and ongoing compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  Specific services offered include training, policy development and review, health and safety promotion, ergonomic reviews, occupational hygiene consultations and guidance related to the Employee Assistance Program and various wellness initiatives such as blood pressure and cholesterol screening, and audiometric testing.

HRIS is responsible for the development and implementation of regional HRIS systems from the HR perspective, including analyzing business and system needs and problems, developing solutions, forecasting and compiling statistics for the purpose of developing applications, external surveys and corporate planning.

Organization and Staff Development plays a support, advisory and leadership role to the organization in maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness, customer service and ability to respond positively to change. This section assists departments in areas such as business planning, project management and team building and also manages the ongoing development and implementation of the corporate staff training and development strategy and blended learning solutions related to workforce competencies, leadership development and IT user training. In addition, they lead and manage the development and implementation of the corporate reward and recognition program ("Service Awards and Commitment to Excel") as well as the corporate Performance Management and Succession Management programs.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance & Disability management service at the Region involves maintaining good relations with the organization’s injured employees, their representatives, the medical community and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, while respecting the dignity and rights of the individuals. The program’s goals include ensuring the organization complies with the relevant provincial legislation and employs current, effective management principles to minimize accident and injury costs; promoting proactive rehabilitation and back-to-work objectives; and, ensuring equitable treatment for all parties.