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Development of a Community Climate Adaptation Plan

In October 2013, the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change (DRRCC) began working on a Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan (DCCAP). Adaptation is defined as the protection of human life and infrastructure from extreme weather, through preparation, protection and safeguarding.

Through this process, DRRCC is aiming to draft a plan that:

  • Identifies future climate conditions within our eight municipalities.
  • Considers the likely impacts of extreme weather.
  • Makes recommendations that will prepare, protect and safeguard infrastructure and citizens.
  • Increases community resiliency to extreme weather conditions.

By considering Durham's entire geography, identifying the impacts of climate change on relevant sectors, and determining how these changes relate to the vulnerability of other areas, this plan will help to build a more resilient region. It may also help to attract new businesses, as it aims to reduce climate risks and improve community safety.

At its foundation, the plan begins with Durham Region-specific future climate projections for 2040 to 2049. Sector-specific stakeholders will be engaged throughout the process to help interpret the impacts of this future climate on community infrastructure, business and residents.

Durham Region's Future Climate Summary, SENES Study

This report provides a summary of a comprehensive study prepared by SENES Consultants for the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change entitled Durham Region's Future Climate (2040-2049). Copies of the full 200-page SENES report are available on request to

Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan

On December 14, 2016, the Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan (DCCAP) was approved in principle by Durham Regional Council. The DCCAP includes 18 discrete climate adaptation programs across multiple sectors including buildings, roads, flooding, and human health. The DCCAP is the result of a three year process and represents a major accomplishment of the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change (DRRCC). The Region of Durham has received recognition for its leadership on climate adaptation planning by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change and the Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo.

Progress Report

Phase 1: Assessment

The Progress Report summarizes the first phase of developing Durham's Community Climate Adaptation Plan and details the work undertaken in late 2013 and 2014. The Report was endorsed by Regional Council on January 21, 2015.