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Accessibility LogoThe Regional Municipality of Durham continually strives to remove barriers for individuals living with a disability, because we know that stigma/stereotypes reflect a lack of understanding and can negatively impact one's life.

Not all disabilities are obvious. About 70,000 individuals in our region live with some form of disability or functional limitation, whether it be physical; sensory (such as hearing, speech, touch or vision); cognitive (such as intellectual, mental health or learning); or others, including accidents, illnesses or diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, cancer or stroke).

Throughout the years, Durham Region has broken down barriers via accessible ramps, accessible pedestrian signals, lowered reception counters, automatic doors, and website redevelopment. Additional initiatives–such as special signage and audible elevator cues–are often being incorporated into business planning processes. Plus, we focus on changing attitudinal barriers through various programs and services.