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Universal Accessibility Symbols

International Symbol of Accessibility

International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA)

Many people recognize this symbol, as it is often used to identify accessible areas (such as washrooms, parking spots, lowered counters, entrances, etc.). However, it is actually meant to identify limited mobility, such as wheelchair use.

Braille symbol

Braille Symbol

This symbol can be found on printed matter that is available in Braille, including items such as publications and signage.

Accessible Print Symbol

Accessible Print

Publications containing this symbol identify items that appear in large print (16 to 20 point font size); or are available in this format, upon request.

Assistive Listening Systems Symbol

Assistive Listening Systems

This symbol identifies when an assistive listening system is available for a given event, such as infrared, loop and FM systems.

Sign Language Interpretation Symbol

Sign Language Interpretation

This symbol identifies that sign language interpretation is available at an event.

Closed Captioning Symbol

Closed Captioning (CC)

This symbol will be used when a video is closed captioned for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.