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Regional service disruption scheduled for September 16

On Saturday, September 16, several Regional websites will experience service disruptions (be unavailable), as scheduled maintenance is performed at Regional Headquarters. This work will also affect the telephone system, email addresses ( and access to several online forms.

Please note that the disruption will not affect the Durham Regional Police Service website at

All items are expected to be accessible on Sunday, Sept. 17. Any changes, related to this scheduled maintenance, will be posted to the Region's public social media sites: Twitter and Facebook.

We apologize for any inconvenience this service disruption may cause.

Affected websites


Affected telephone numbers

During this time, for after-hours emergency assistance regarding water supply, sewers or Regional roads, call 905-576-9991 or 1-800-372-1104.

Affected phone numbers are expected to include:

  • 905-668-7711   Regional Headquarters (main number)
  • 905-668-4113   Regional Headquarters (back-door number)
  • 1-800-372-1101   Regional Headquarters (main number; toll-free)
  • 905-666-6167   Health Department (direct-dial for reception)
  • 905-666-6241   Durham Health Connection Line
  • 905-666-6242   Durham Health Connection-Immunization Line
  • 905-666-6212   Waterbilling Teleread
  • 905-666-6239   Income Support Call Centre
  • 905-666-6240   Family Services Call Centre

All incoming calls to Regional Headquarters will be forwarded to an automated message for the duration of the service disruption, noting that Regional offices are closed, and the phone system is temporarily out of service.

Incoming calls to the following numbers will receive a busy signal for the duration of the service disruption.

  • 905-666-6211   Waterbilling Customer Service
  • 905-666-6237   POA Prosecution Telephone Service
  • 905-666-6238   Children's Services Call Centre
  • 905-666-6243   Finance POA Collections
  • 905-666-6203   Economic Development and Tourism
  • 905-668-3130   POA Court Services

Residents impacted by these outages are encouraged to follow up on Monday, Sept. 18 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).