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Terms of Use for Corporate Social Media Accounts

The purpose of these accounts is to serve as a mechanism for communication between The Regional Municipality of Durham (the "Region") and members of the community. By interacting with the Region through its various social media platforms, you are accepting the below terms of use.

Comments posted and/or directed to these accounts are monitored. Under the Region's Social Media Policy, the Region reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments without notice, including those that:

  • Contain confidential information or violate the legal ownership interest of another party;
  • Contain discriminatory language, profane language, or sexually explicit content;
  • Threaten or defame any person or organization;
  • Support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions;
  • Promote illegal activity;
  • Promote commercial services or products; or,
  • Are not topically related to the particular posting.

The Region is subject to the Ontario's Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("MFIPPA") and other privacy legislation. Users should be aware that any personal or other information contained in electronic correspondence directed to the Region are subject to MFIPPA and may be deemed releasable under this legislation.

Social media platforms are provided by third parties such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Account holders who use these services, including the Region, are bound by their terms of use. We encourage users to read any terms of use or privacy policies for all social media platforms they use to interact with the Region.

The Region collects limited personal information, but does not collect personal health information via social media sites. Information posted on social media sites can be read by anyone. Furthermore, the information shared via social media platforms is filtered through a third-party social media monitoring service. As such, the anonymity or confidentiality of the sender and any information contained within their correspondence with the Region cannot be guaranteed. For the most part, content posted to the Region's corporate social media accounts will be considered a transitory record and will not be kept as a permanent record by the Region. User comments and other content shared by them may become part of the public record and may be used in official Regional documentation. It is at Region's sole discretion which content will be archived and used.

Please note that our sites are not monitored 24/7. Please call 911 for emergencies.