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Public Alerting Project Overview

Alerting sirenDurham Region, in co-operation the Province of Ontario and Ontario Power Generation (OPG), has installed a public alerting system. This system provides a means of quickly warning every resident and business within three kilometres of the Darlington and Pickering nuclear generating stations, in the highly unlikely event of a severe nuclear reactor malfunction. Plans are underway to extend public alerting to ten kilometres of these nuclear stations.

The system was installed to comply with the public alerting standard of notifying the public within 15 minutes, as set out by the Province of Ontario in the Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan.  

Safety is a top priority for Durham Region and OPG. The possibility of a severe accident is low; however, it only makes sense to plan and prepare for the worst case scenario and timely public alerting is a feature of this planning.

The public alerting system is funded by OPG, but is owned and operated by Durham Region.

Durham Region has nuclear emergency plans in place. With a public alerting system, we have more assurance that our families and neighbourhoods are protected. In the event of an emergency, the number one priority is the health and safety of Durham residents.