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What To Do

The sounding of the public alerting system is a warning. It does not mean evacuate!
If you hear a siren, outside of regular testing, do the following:

  • GO inside and turn on the local radio or television station.
  • LISTEN to media, relaying emergency information.
  • FOLLOW instructions from the Province, as relayed by the media.


  • Check on your neighbours.
  • Follow broadcast instructions on local radio or television stations for picking up your children at school or daycare.
  • DO NOT dial 911 unless you have a life-threatening emergency. The phone lines need to be available for emergency responders and the automated telephone dialing system.
  • DO NOT evacuate unless you are instructed to do so.

Diagram: Hear warning signal, tune into radio or television, receive direction from the Province on what to do

For further information, view the Your Action Plan to a Nuclear Emergency (PDF).