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Customer Water Meter Reading Program

We have a unique program in Durham Region in that we ask our customers to read their water meters for 3 of the 4 billings a year. This is a big help in keeping our meter reading costs as low as possible. This program has been met with great success, with close to 75% of our customers participating on a regular basis

How Does the Program Work?

Prior to sending out a bill, we mail you a Customer Meter Reading Card that asks you to read the meter. We base your consumption on the reading that has been supplied to us. If we do not receive your reading, we will estimate your bill based on your past consumption pattern. It is important to realize that we do not have Equal Billing, and only bill you for your actual usage.


Now it is easier than ever to provide us with your reading with the implementation of TeleRead in late 1998. You can provide us with your reading, at your convenience, at any time of the day, any day of the week before the date at the bottom on the meter reading card. Just READ your water meter, WRITE the reading on your meter card, CALL the number indicated on the card and follow the instructions provided.

Anitmation: Read water meter, write reading on water card, call munber on card

What Happens if I Do Not Read the Meter?

We will estimate your bill. Due to the fact that we estimate bills based on past consumption, the bills are usually quite accurate. However, it is only an estimate! We do not know how much water has been used at the property, and could be over or under billing you.

One of the more common occurrences we encounter is when a customer has a plumbing problem, but is unaware of this fact. The bills continue to be estimated on past history and sent to the customer. It is not until an actual reading is finally received that we realize that there is a problem at the property. Unfortunately, the end result for the customer is usually a very large bill. You can avoid this problem by simply providing your water meter reading for each billing.

Types of Meters

Over 95% of our customers have water meters which measure consumption in cubic metres. The two other types of measurements are: Cubic Feet and Gallons. With our ongoing Meter Replacement Program, all meters over 20 years of age are replaced with a new water meter measuring in cubic metres. We are also installing remote reading devices on the outside wall of homes once the new meter is installed. This allows our meter readers to ‘read’ the meter from the outside of the house. Now when we do our annual reading of the meter, we no longer need to go into your house.

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