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Media Protocols

Media who are interested in attending a standing committee or Regional Council meeting are invited to review the following protocol.

Please note that protocols surrounding meetings in Room LL-C and at other Regional facilities, will be provided shortly.

Council Chambers - Information/Protocols for Media

Media Seating
Media have been provided with seating in Council Chambers, on the upper level of the Public Gallery - there are four work areas on each side of the A/V booth for a total of eight seats.

Council Agenda Materials/Handouts
The Director of Corporate Communications, or her designate, will be located on the west side of Council Chambers (opposite side of the room to the entrance). This individual will be provided with any council agenda material that is to be distributed to media during the council meeting.

Chambers Protocol
While council is in session:

  • The ringing of cell phones is not permitted.
  • Conversations with councillors and staff seated at the tables, is not permitted.

While council is in session:

  • Walking on the council floor for the purposes of a photograph, video taping, etc. is not permitted. (For greater clarity, the council floor is the area where the members of council and staff sit and more particularly the floor that is lowered in the centre of the chambers.)
  • Photographers/videographers and cameras will be permitted in the floor area to the left of the entrance into the Council Chambers. (Note: this area was designed for wheelchair accessibility, and therefore people with disabilities will be accommodated first).

Interviewing of Councillors, Delegations, etc.
While council is in session:

  • All interviews are to be conducted in the hallway outside of the Council Chambers.