The nicotine may stimulate you. You may feel that smoking gives you a boost, helps you wake up and/or keeps you on your toes.

You might like to handle the cigarette. You will need to find other ways to keep your hands busy.

You may smoke when you are worried, tense or nervous. You may feel smoking helps you deal with stress.

When quitting, you may want to introduce exercise to perk up. Try taking a brisk walk. Start your day with a shower to wake up. Try a crossword puzzle, or a new healthy recipe to stimulate your mind.

Suggestions: Try doodling on a pad of paper and/or, playing with a straw, coin or smooth stone. Carrying a water bottle and drinking water each time you have a craving may also help. Keep busy by texting your friends and family. Take up a new hobby or craft.

When you quit you will want to plan for those tough times with alternative stress reducers like deep breathing, sipping on a warm drink, listening to music, meditation, yoga etc.




You realize the health effects and concerns, but you still like to smoke. You could associate smoking with pleasurable situations and events.

If you “need” a cigarette within the first 30 minutes of waking up and it is very tough to go more than an hour without a cigarette you may have a stronger addiction to nicotine.

For you, smoking may be automatic; there may be times when you do not realize you have a cigarette in your hand. There may be certain times and situations that you are used to smoking (e.g. talking on the phone, with a coffee).

Find alternatives that give you pleasure. Spend time with friends and do something else you enjoy more frequently. Keep a money jar and every time you would buy a pack of cigarettes, put that money in the jar to save for something to reward yourself.

Consider talking to your doctor or pharmacist about nicotine replacement therapies available to you (e.g., nicotine patch, gum, lozenge and/or inhaler). Try taking a hot shower as soon as you wake up to delay and beat that initial craving (Remember the 4 D’s).

You may need reminders of why you are quitting. Put encouraging and positive sticky notes in the places where you used to smoke to keep yourself on your quit plan. Post your personal reasons for quitting on the fridge, in the car etc.

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