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The Facts

Different Forms of Tobacco


  • Cause the same harmful effects as smoking cigarettes.
  • Like cigarettes, cigars also contain nicotine which is highly addictive.
  • Like cigarettes, cigars also contain toxic chemicals that are released when burned.


  • Increase a person’s risk of getting cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, lungs and esophagus.
  • Young adults aged 18-24 use cigarillos three times more often than those over 24 years old.
  • The tobacco industry uses marketing that appeals to young adults.


  • Is not safer than cigarettes.
  • Is addictive.
  • Contains more nicotine than cigarettes.


  • Also known as waterpipe or shisha.
  • Is not safer than smoking cigarettes.
  • Causes many of the same harmful health effects as smoking cigarettes.
  • Produces smoke containing toxic chemicals that may cause cancer.
  • A one hour long hookah session involves breathing in 100–200 times the volume of smoke that you would inhale from a single cigarette.
  • Infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis) can be spread when sharing a hookah.