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Special Programs

The following are some programs the Region of Durham has introduced to our customers:

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Once you enroll in this program you will continue to receive your water and sanitary sewer bills as usual; a message will appear on your bill acknowledging that it has been paid via our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan. Payment for the “Amount Due Now” will be withdrawn from the financial institution you designate; on the date shown on your bill (approximately 16 days past the date of mailing).

To enroll, simply complete the application which is attached to the return envelope enclosed with your water bill, or get a copy of the Pre-Authorized Payment form (PDF) here and forward the completed application along with a cheque marked "void" to the Region of Durham.

Extension of Payment Date Program

  • Some senior citizens may receive their pension cheques after the “Late Payment Charge Effective” date shown on their water and sanitary sewer bills.
  • By enrolling in this program, the Late Payment Charge Date may be extended to coincide with the receipt of pension cheques. Senior citizens will continue to receive their water and sanitary sewer bills at the usual time. To qualify, you must be 60 years of age or older.

Special Water Meter Reading Assistance Program

  • In order to keep meter reading costs as low as possible, the Region has a policy of asking our residential customers to read the water meter for 3 of the 4 quarterly water and sanitary sewer bills. Customers are asked to return the meter reading cards by postage paid mail or call the reading in to the phone number shown on the card for our TeleRead System.
  • Generally, water meters are located in the basement and in some cases may be in an area that is relatively difficult for senior citizens or physically disabled persons to access. Enrollment in this program ensures that the Region will read the meter for senior citizens or the physically disabled for all four billings.

To enroll in the extension of the Payment Date or Special Water Meter Reading Assistance Programs, please contact our Customer Services section.

Customer Services Section
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