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Did you know?

  • We bill over 172,000 accounts in the Region of Durham, with over 167,000 residential accounts and over 4,700 commercial, industrial or institutional accounts

  • Over 700,000 bills are created annually, with over $190,000,000 generated in revenues

  • We perform over 200,000 meter readings per year

  • Annually, we handle over 110,000 telephone inquiries

  • We receive approximately 8,500 lawyer's letters regarding property sales

  • Each person in Durham Region uses about 250 litres (0.25 Cubic Metres) of water a day. An average household in Durham Region uses approximately 230 Cubic Metres of water a year

Average residential household usage is as follows:

Average Residential Household Water Usage Chart: Toilet Flushing - 45%, Bathing and Hygiene - 30%, Laundry and Dishes - 20%, Drinking and Cooking - 5%

No matter where you live within the Region of Durham, you will pay the same water and sewer rates. For example, the cost of 1 cubic metre of water in Oshawa is the same in Beaverton.