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Minister’s Final Decision on ROPA No. 128.  Click here

OMB Appeals to ROPA No. 128.  Click here

Growth Plan Implementation Study

The Growth Plan Implementation Study, undertaken in 2007/2008 involved a comprehensive analysis of the demographic, policy, environmental and general infrastructure implications of growth within the Region of Durham, within the context of the Growth Plan. The analyses formed the basis for the development of alternative growth scenarios and a recommended preferred solution for Durham. The recommended growth scenario endorsed by Planning Committee on November 25, 2008 formed the basis for a Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) to implement the recommended growth scenario.

Regional Official Plan Amendment No. 128 was adopted by Regional Council on June 3, 2009, and forwarded to the Province for their approval.  The Province issued its Draft Decision in March 2010, and the Final Decision in October 2010.  Appeals regarding ROPA No. 128 and the Province's Decision were made to the Ontario Municipal Board in November 2011.

On Dec. 4, 2012, the Ontario Municipal Board approved a settlement regarding ROPA 128 in accordance with a settlement reached between the Region, the Province of Ontario and other key stakeholders. The approval represents a reasonable compromise to the various major appeals to ROPA 128.


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