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Alcohol and Violence

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Alcohol changes the way a person thinks, acts and feels.

Drinking alcohol can cause people to act aggressively which can lead to harming others. Emergency department studies show that alcohol-related violence accounts for more injuries than any other cause.

Sexual Assault

  • Alcohol is the most common drug used by those who commit sexual assault
  • Sexual assaults can happen anywhere, but are more common in private locations, as well as in places were people drink alcohol, such as nightclubs and bars

Physical Assault

  • People can lose control of their emotions and actions when they drink, which can lead to violence
  • Research has shown that up 70% of homicides, 75% of stabbings, 70% of beatings, and 50% of fights and domestic assaults involve alcohol

If you are experiencing violence in your life there is help 24 hours a day. For services and resources you can access click here.

In emergency, call 9-1-1

Alcohol, violence & your community

Community violence increases when people have easy access to affordable alcohol.

People drink alcohol more often when there is:

  • A high number of stores in the area that sell alcohol
  • Alcohol stores that have longer hours
  • Alcohol that is discounted or low cost
  • Alcohol advertising in the community
  • Alcohol sponsored events

What you can do: