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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects (about the size of an apple seed) with oval-shaped bodies and no wings. They usually come out and bite at night. It is possible for anyone, anywhere to experience a bed bug infestation.  Bed bugs can be prevented and controlled by an Integrated Pest Management Program that includes:

  • Bed BugsPrevent: even the cleanest houses, hotels or apartments can have bed bugs, but regular inspection and cleaning can help you prevent an infestation.
  • Identify: one of the best ways to control a bed bug infestation is to spot the problem early and act quickly.
  • Act: if you find bed bugs in your home or apartment, talk to your landlord, building manager, or a pest control professional. 

Durham Region Bed Bug Action Plan New

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Durham Region Health Department, Environmental Health Division can provide a Bed Bug Awareness display upon request.