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Infection Prevention & Control in Child Care Centres

Training for Child Care Staff

Prevention and control of infectious diseases is of concern to all those employed within the childcare profession. Educating child care staff about basic infection prevention and control measures is an effective method in reducing illness.

The Durham Region Health Department's Environmental Health Division is offering a free information session on infection prevention and control in child care centres.

The goal is to provide staff with the basic knowledge they need to reduce the risk of disease transmission and includes the following components:

  • Routine Practices
    English (PDF) | French (PDF)
  • Hand Hygiene Practices
  • Methods of Spread of Microorganisms
  • Portal of Entry and Exit of Microorganisms
  • Practical Application in Child Care Centres
  • Outbreak Reporting and Management
  • An Interactive Handwashing Exercise
Training For Child Care Staff

This free presentation is suitable for all child care staff and is approximately one hour in duration.