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Region of Durham Paramedic Service

Billing for Ambulance Services

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOH&LTC) currently pays for the majority of the ambulance fee for patients experiencing acute injury or illness via the OHIP. Patients typically pay a co-payment fee of $45.00, which is billed by the receiving hospital. However, some co-payment exceptions do exist if ambulance services are medically necessary and the patient could not travel by others means (e.g. car, taxi, transit) including:

  • Individuals receiving provincial social assistance,
  • Transfer from one hospital to another (for insured medically necessary treatment),
  • Transfer from hospital to a rehabilitation facility, treatment facility for physically disabled children, medical laboratory or x-ray facility approved by the MOH&LTC,
  • Individuals enrolled in the MOH&LTC Homecare program,
  • Individuals residing in one of the following institutions licensed or approved by the MOH&LTC - nursing home, home for the aged, rest home, home for special care, home or residence for psychiatric care.

A patient may be required to pay $240.00, billed by the receiving hospital, for land ambulance services should the transportation be deemed not medically necessary or if the patient does not have a valid Ontario Health Card or Health 65 Card.