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Put the “Grand” in Grandparenting!

Grandparents make a difference.

Kids can benefit from their grandparents in many ways.


  • can be great role models
  • can share cultural heritage and family history
  • can provide their grandkids with lots of love
  • can be great listeners
  • can be another caring supportive adult in their grandchildren’s lives
  • can provide extra support in the teen years

Parents can benefit from grandparents.


  • can be great listeners
  • can share experiences
  • can provide support and encouragement
  • can help with child care
  • can help relieve family stress
grandfather and grandson fishing

Grandparents can feel valued and gain satisfaction from:

  • sharing the things they're passionate about with their grandkids
  • seeing the world in a new way through younger eyes
  • seeing their children grow into parents

If you provide child care or occasional babysitting for your grandkids, think about how things have changed... Learn how you can help to provide the best possible care for your grandchildren. The future rests with them and we want them to get off to a great start.

Once common

Recommended now
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Breastfeeding for only a few weeks and then bottle-feeding.

Putting babies on their tummy to sleep.

Belief that babies needed to cry it out as it helped strengthen their lungs.

Belief that holding babies too much would spoil them

Giving cereal at 4 months of age and sometimes adding it to the bottle

Belief that if a woman continued to feel sad or overwhelmed after the birth of a baby she could just shake it off.

Fathers’ role in the care of their children was different

Using physical punishment as discipline for kids

Insisting that children eat everything on their plates before getting dessert

Biking, skating and skiing without a helmet

Only infants used car seats


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