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Kids Can

I can!

baby with arms up

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Children who have confidence in themselves and their abilities tend to lead happier and more productive adult lives.

  • Having confidence helps children cope with challenges.
  • Children who have confidence have a strong belief in their abilities and are more likely to try new things. 
  • Success builds confidence.  As children grow they learn that they can make things happen.
  • Any task a child begins and completes builds confidence.
  • Being confident also involves the ability to say “No” or “I don’t like that” when they feel unsafe.

Children feel good when they contribute to family life. Give them small tasks to do.

boy holding blue ball
girl chopping with mother

boy feeding puppy

gold star

Here’s how you can build confidence in your child:

  • Give your child tasks that they are capable of and show your support and approval when they do them.
  • Teach your child to learn from their mistakes.
  • Help your child to set goals, such as a sleeping through the night. Make a chart that lets them monitor their own success.
  • Encourage your child to face challenges and take risks.
  • Express faith and confidence in them and their capabilities.
  • Create opportunities for them to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Help your child to see things that they are good at.
  • Give your child chances to succeed.
  • Praise your child’s good qualities and find humour in the funny things they do. 
  • Show interest in the things that interest them.
boy building tower from blocks


  • Let your child lead and direct the play, such as ‘Simon Says’.
  • Build a tower of blocks.
  • Take your child bowling or to any activity where they can gain new skills and feel the excitement of accomplishing something.
  • Play games that allow them to feel good about learning new skills.  For example, play basketball and as they get more balls in move the basket further away to build confidence.