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Good for you!

gold star A child with good self-esteem believes that they are lovable, capable and unique.

  • Family is the biggest influence in shaping a child’s sense of self-worth.
  • Parents are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life.
  • Mom praising son
  • Kids need help discovering their talents.
  • Feeling special does not mean feeling better than others, it means feeling good about one’s self.

star Here’s how you can build self-esteem in your child:

  • Show you feel good about yourself.
  • Have a positive outlook.
  • Value your child’s uniqueness.
  • Give praise when your child does something well.
  • Parents often see their role as saying ‘no.’ Instead, look for things that they are doing right.
  • Avoid comparing your child with other children.
  • Show faith in your child and their capabilities, e.g., “I know you can do it.”

Activity ideas:

  • Create a Wall-of-Fame showcasing talents and achievements
  • child painting picture
  • Go on a ‘treasure’ hunt looking for things to praise in your child
  • Identify one thing your child shows a strength or interest, in e.g., sports, music, animals, arts and crafts… Find a community program or activity that provides ways to explore their talents.
  • Give your child a task and praise them when they follow through on it.

Create a "You Are A Star" Certificate for your Child!

Click to fill and print out a certificate. Choose from the list or create your own.

You are a star for:

star Saying please and thank you
star Sharing
star Being Kind
star Picking up your toys
star Helping
star Singing a song
star Painting a picture
star Feeding the cat
star Feeding the dog
star Feeding the fish

star Feeding the gerbil
star Going to bed
star Watering the plants
star Learning your ABC’s
star Counting
star Printing your name
star Waiting
star Smiling
star Being brave
star Listening

You Are A Star Certificate 2

"Great Job!" (8.5"x11")