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Kids Can

Grow A Bean Plant

bean growing equipment

You will need:

  • A dried bean (e.g., Lima, Kidney, Black, Butter, Broad…). You can find these at a bulk food store or in the dried bean section of the supermarket
  • A saucer
  • A clear jar
  • Paper-towel
  • Water

Step 1

1. Put some water on a saucer and soak one or two beans for one hour.

Step 2

2. Swirl a small amount of water around the jar. Dump excess water out but don’t dry the jar.

Step 3 and 4

3. Stuff a damp paper-towel inside the jar
(just dampen the paper-towel, don’t soak it).

4. Slip the soaked bean(s) in-between the paper-towel and the side of the jar.

Step 5

5. Place your bean jar in a sunny window.

Step 6

6. Spray or sprinkle a little water on it everyday.

plant growing

Your bean should sprout after about 4 days. In about 10 days your bean should develop stem and roots. Once roots have developed you can plant it in a cup with soil.