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Home should be a safe place.

If you are hurting, your children are hurting too

They may:Child hiding in corner

  • Become withdrawn or passive and keep secrets
  • Have stomach aches and headaches
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Under or over eat
  • Bully others
  • Blame themselves
  • Harm themselves

Abuse comes in many forms
Does your partner:

  • Call you names, put you down, swear or yell at you?
  • Make it difficult for you to go out, see friends or family?
  • Throw things at you or hit the wall?
  • Blame you for everything, even hurting you?
  • Not listen when you say "no"?
  • Keep you short of money or make you account for every penny?
Remember you don't have
to be hit to be abused

Abuse can be:







There is help 24-hours-a-day