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Budget-Wise Grocery Shopping
Choose Wisely, Save Money!


Keep your shopping list with you and buy only what you need

little man Tip

Write your grocery list to follow the grocery store layout. This saves you time from running around the store.

Save on vegetables and fruit by buying produce in season, canned, and frozen. Frozen produce is just as nutritious, often less expensive, and you can use what you need.

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Basic groceries such as fresh, frozen, and canned vegetables and fruit, breakfast cereals, fresh meat, and most milk products are not taxed. (Canada Revenue Agency, 2007)

Stock up your pantry and save on food by buying in bulk.

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Take advantage of sales on frozen foods, dry goods, and canned foods that have a longer shelf life. Having these food items on hand are great to make quick and easy meals.

Compare brands. No-name and store brands are often cheaper than popular brands for the same product.

little man Did you know?

Look high and low. Product placement is no accident! Lower cost foods are often found on the top and bottom shelves. The most expensive brands are kept at eye level where they grab your attention... and your money!