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Budget-Wise Grocery Shopping
Stop Before You Shop!


Use weekly grocery flyers to look for best sales

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Use a binder to collect weekly flyers that come with your local newspaper.

Create your grocery list at home using a weekly menu planner to plan your meals

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Check out what you already have in your pantry and fridge before adding items to your grocery list.

Plan to use in-season vegetables & fruit in your menu - it will save money.

Shop once, eat twice! Try recipes that share common ingredients so you buy once and use again for another meal.

Grocery stores are not all equal when it comes to food prices. Shop at discount stores that offer lower food prices.

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Keep a calculator or smartphone on hand to help you stay on budget while shopping.

Plan your grocery trip for once a week to save time and money on gas and public transit fares.

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Eat before you go shopping to avoid the temptation of buying more than you need.