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Budget-Wise Grocery Shopping
Store it Right to Cook Great Meals!


Store food properly once you get home to prevent spoiling and waste to make your dollar last longer!

Use up your groceries by cutting and chopping foods at home to save on meals.

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Preparing your Vegetables & Fruit

  • Put a damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding around
  • For large vegetable or fruit such as eggplant, cut it down into a workable size e.g. into thirds.
  • Keep your knife is sharp! And let it do the work for you with less force.

Don't know what to make for your next meal? Cook with ingredients you already have on hand.

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Try the Dinner Spinner App - Free Download! Go to external weblink
Dinner Spinner helps make cooking dinner with what you have on hand a little easier. Simply enter all the ingredients you want to use and the app returns a list of recipes for you to create.

What can Dinner Spinner offer you?

  • 50,000+ recipes
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Creates shopping lists
  • Photos, Videos