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Making Meals at Home

Making meals at home gives you control over the food you eat and the way it’s cooked. Below you will find information and tools that you can use to plan and cook healthy meals.

Planning Healthy Meals

apple and charts

Menu planning makes it easier to eat healthy while saving money and time. Use the tools below to help you plan your meals for the week.

Shopping for Healthy Food

nutritional info

Once you have decided on your weekly menu, grocery shopping becomes easier. Make a list of the food that you need and use the tools below to help you save money and choose healthier food while at the grocery store.

Quick and Easy Meal and Snack Ideas

Need some quick and easy meal ideas? Looking for some healthy grab-and-go snacks for work or school? Take a look at the resources below to give you some new ideas for meals and snacks.

snack ideas

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with your children helps to increase their skills and confidence to eat healthy.  If children have the skills and knowledge to make their own food they won’t have to rely on convenience or fast food.

Food Preparation Skills by Age

Below is a list of food skills that may give you an idea of when a child may be ready to try new food skills and help you in the kitchen.

(*It’s important with all jobs in the kitchen involving children, that they are supervised by an adult at all times*)



3 - 4 year olds

boy cooking with his father

Children may start to have an improved appetite at this age.

At this age children can:

  • Pour from a small pitcher or measuring cup
  • Help make a simple pizza with pre-assembled ingredients
  • Take a certain number of vegetables or fruit out of a bag
  • Describe the colour, taste and shape of food
  • Mash soft fruit and vegetables

4 - 6 year olds

girl cutting out cookies

This is the age when children are further developing their fine motor skills which let them do things like printing more clearly. Cooking can help with those skills and can help fussy eaters to warm up to the idea of trying new foods.

At this age children can:

  • Assemble foods (e.g., trail mix)
  • Stir ingredients together
  • Tell you what they know about where a food comes from
  • Slice soft-cooked vegetables, soft fruit, cheese or tofu with a plastic knife
  • Set the table
  • Draw a grocery list

6-8 year olds

girl tossing salad

Children at this age can follow simple steps for recipes and are able to share and take turns with the tasks.

At this age children can:

  • Use simple kitchen equipment such as a grater, toaster, blender or a can opener after you show them how to do so safely
  • Invent a fruit salad or smoothie recipe
  • Tell you what food belongs to what food group
  • Write a list of healthy snacks they like to eat and post on the fridge
  • Write out a grocery list
  • Make a simple breakfast

Adapted from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, 2011

Cooking with Vegetables and Fruit

Eating more vegetables and fruit is an important part of staying healthy. Vegetables and fruit can decrease your risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure and stroke. Use the tools below to help you cook more with vegetables and fruit.

peppers and tomatoes

Videos - Vegetable and Fruit Kitchen Tips Videos

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