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Healthier Eating Out

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Why is menu labelling important?

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  • Canadians are eating out more than ever before
  • Restaurant meals are high in sodium and calories
  • When eating out it is common to underestimate the amount of calories and sodium
    • Statements such as “low fat” or “healthy” can mislead consumers into thinking meals are healthier then they actually are
    • Calories and sodium content for similar meals can differ widely between restaurants because of portion size, ingredients and side dishes


The following meals are found in chain restaurants. These meals look similar and share similar ingredients. However, Restaurant B’s Chicken Parmesan has double the calories and 1.5 times the sodium compared to Restaurant A’s dish.

Restaurant A's logo
chicken parmesean

700 Calories
1000 mg of sodium

Restaurant B's logo
chicken parmesean

1700 Calories
1500 mg sodium

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