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Healthier Eating Out

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Quick Tips for Healthier Dining Out:

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Calories in drinks can add up quickly

  • Drink water or low-fat milk (2% or less)
  • If you have a sweetened drink, limit the amount and skip the refills
  • If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t start. If you do drink alcohol, drink less
Calories per large glass of pop: 200kcal. Calories per glass of water 0 kcal.


  • Choose healthier side dishes (e.g., leafy green salads, steamed vegetables or baked potato)
  • If you choose to have dressing ask for a low fat/calorie version on the side
  • Ask to have extra ingredients that are high in calories, fat and/or sodium removed (e.g. bacon bits, cheese, croutons, nuts and seeds).

Think you're side-savvy? Check out the quiz on the next page to test your knowledge!

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