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Rethink your drink this holiday season!

The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family.  Whether you find yourself at a holiday party, family get-together or simply enjoying the break from work, if the occasion includes drinking alcohol here is something to consider:  having even just one drink raises your risk of cancer.  Women are more at risk, especially for breast cancer.  Women absorb more alcohol when they drink, and it takes longer for them to break it down.  Even when they drink the same amount as a man, they tend to have higher levels of alcohol in their blood.

So what can you do?

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If you don’t drink, don’t start.

If you choose to drink, the Low Risk Drinking Guidelines will help you decide when, where, why and how.  Stick to no more than 2 standard drinks per occasion for women and 3 standard drinks per occasion for men and weekly no more than 10 drinks for women and 15 drinks for men.

  • Know what a standard drink is.  Keep track of how much you drink - daily and weekly.
  • Have something to eat with drinks. Drink non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, diet pop, or soda water with lime.
  • Wait at least one hour between drinks.
  • Avoid getting intoxicated or drunk.