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Supporting Healthy Eating in our School

Healthy Eating at School
Supporting Healthy Eating in Our School
Healthy Fundraising and Special Events
Understanding School Food Policies

Creating a Healthy School that Supports: Healthy Eating PDF New

Creating a Healthy School that Supports: Healthy Eating

Help your school create an environment supportive of healthy eating with this resource

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Parents Matter

When parents are involved in their children's education, everyone benefits - students, parents, teachers, schools and communities. Great schools can become even better places to teach and learn, and student achievement often improves.

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Healthy Snack or Breakfast Program

One strategy to help create a supportive environment is to start or maintain a healthy snack, breakfast and/or milk program at your school.

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Durham's Child Nutrition Project

Durham's Child Nutrition Project (DCNP) is a region-wide organization that assists Public and Catholic schools in funding and running breakfast and snack programs across Durham. DCNP provides support and resources to child nutrition programs, fosters parental involvement and community ownership, and helps provide thousands of children/youth across the Region to access healthy nutritious food.

Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast for Learning is a national charity that educates and empowers communities to deliver school-based nutrition programs and helps children and youth realize their full potential.

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Ready to use newsletter inserts

  • Inserts have up-to-date information on healthy eating and more
  • Inserts can be used in school newsletters or on your school website
  • Recommended month of use and suggestions for use included