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Extreme Heat

Community Partners

A heat warning is a forecasted temperature of 31°C or greater and Humidex of 40 or greater for 2 days. Community partners that work with the heat vulnerable groups are at an ideal position to employ strategies that may help mitigate and control the risks of heat exposure.

When a heat event is forecasted Environment and Climate Change Canada will provide Durham Region Health Department with an Early Notification up to 4 days in advance. Within Environment and Climate Change Canada's Early Notification, expected conditions and duration of these conditions will be identified.

Community Partners Subscribe to Receive Alerts Email

If you or your organization provide services for the heat vulnerable population and would like to subscribe to receive emails as described above then email with subscribe in the subject line.

Durham Region Health Department will provide municipalities and subscribed community partners an email of Environment And Climate Change Canada's Early Notifications including the Durham Region HWIS Heat Warnings and Extended Heat Warnings.