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Rabies: Know the Facts

DogOwner Responsibility to Vaccinate Pets

In the Region of Durham all cats and dogs must have current immunization against rabies as required by Ontario Regulation 567/90, under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, 1990.

Contact your veterinarian to determine whether or not your pet’s vaccination status is up to date.

If your animal becomes involved in a biting incident and your pet’s vaccination status is not up to date, your local health inspector will be able to advise you when to take your pet to get vaccinated. The inspector will provide you with a date on which you must provide him or her with a valid vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

Failure to provide proof of current vaccination for your pet may result in a fine upon conviction of $90.00.

Please vaccinate your pet
Rabies - it's no way for a friend to die