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Healthier Weights

Rethink your drink

Tips for parents and caregivers

What can parents/caregivers do to create healthy family routines?

  • Make family time active time
      • As a family, set a physical activity goal, make a plan to reach that goal and track your activity
  • Play with your child as often as you can
    Creating Healthy Routines Resource
    Creating Healthy Routines (PDF) New
      • Try a combination of structured activities (e.g. joining a recreation class together) and unstructured activities (e.g. playing at the park together)
  • Build physical activity into your day
      • Walk or wheel to and from the places you need to go, like school, the park, stores, the library and/or recreation centres
  • Help your children decrease their screen time:
      • Keep televisions, computers and video games in common areas instead of bedrooms
      • Plan a family activity in place of television time
      • Cook meals together as a family
      • Encourage your child to choose physical activities they enjoy
  • Try to spend more time outdoors
  • Children copy their parents. Be a good role model:
      • Be active every day
      • Eat breakfast every day
      • Eat a mix of both vegetables and fruit
      • Drink water to satisfy your thirst
  • You decide which healthy foods to offer. Let your children decide which of these foods they will eat and how much.
  • Eat the same meal with your children
  • Enjoy eating together as a family as often as you can
  • For further support contact your health care provider
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For more information call Durham Health Connection Line
905-666-6241 or 1-800-841-2729