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Healthier Weights

Rethink your drink

Tips to help adults achieve or maintain a healthier weight

What can adults do today to maintain and achieve a healthier weight?

Here are some small changes you can start today:

  • Look for ways to build walking into your day:
    Small Steps to a Healthier Weight Resource
    Download (PDF)
    • Walk for 10 minutes at a time on work breaks, to and from work, or before or after dinner
  • Spend less time sitting and reduce your screen time, especially time spent watching television or on the computer
  • If you have to sit, interrupt your sitting, even if it’s just for a minute:
    • Aim to interupt your sitting every 30 minutes
    • Get up from your chair to do simple stretches
  • Eat a healthy breakfast every day:
  • Eat one more fruit and vegetable each day:
    • Aim for 7 -10 servings of fruit and vegetables each day
  • Eat fruit and vegetables in place of foods with higher fat and calories and sodium
  • Eat and drink as little as possible of:
    • fried foods
    • take out and fast foods
    • drinks and food high in sugar
  • Drink water to satisfy your thirst
  • Eat meals with family and friends as often as you can
  • If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t start.  If you do drink alcohol, drink less. Aim to have alcohol free days.
  • Separate eating from other activities such as watching television or using the computer and cellphones
  • Adults (18 years or older) may self monitor their progress. For example:
    • Track physical activity levels
    • Track food and drink intake
    • Regularly check weight (e.g. once a week)
  • Try to get enough sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours a night

For more information call Durham Health Connection Line
905-666-6241 or 1-800-841-2729