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How to talk to your child about tobacco

  • Listen to your child’s questions about smoking
  • Build trust with your child
  • Accept that it is normal for children to experiment
  • Give them advice
  • Be aware of your child’s friends who smoke

For parents who smoke…

  • Be a positive role model  - make your car and home tobacco free
  • Choose smoke free activities
  • Share how cigarettes are addicting
  • DO NOT smoke around your children
  • Be honest with them

If you find out your child has tried smoking…

  • DO NOT panic or over react
  • Share harmful facts about tobacco
  • Tobacco affects physical fitness
  • Smoking is illegal and expensive
  • Smoking makes your breath and clothes smell bad
  • Smoking sets bad examples for younger children

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not assume that your child knows the dangers of tobacco
  • Support child’s involvement in sports and other activities
  • Listen to your child about what they have to say about smoking
  • Recognize what your child has done right not what they’ve done wrong
  • Remind teens that younger children look up to them
  • Share with your child the harmful substances in one cigarette
  • Tell them about second hand smoke and how it affects everyone around them
  • Discuss ways of how to respond to peer pressure