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I am a Parent

Children and teens are influenced by their parents, peers and what they see in movies. According to a report from the World Health Organization, the more onscreen smoking youth see, the more likely they are to start.

Smoke-Free Movies Campaign PosterIn Ontario, the Film Review Board determines ratings on films (i.e. General Admission, Parental Guidance, 18 Adult etc.). In order to determine film ratings, the Film Review Board considers:

  • language,
  • nudity,
  • violence,
  • sexual activity,
  • horror and
  • psychological impact.

The Ontario Film Review Board does not consider smoking when assigning ratings to movies. Most movies with smoking are rated for kids and teens in Ontario.

As a parent what can I do?Smoke-Free Movies Campaign Poster

  1. Talk to your children and teens about what they are seeing in movies. Let them know about the health risks of smoking.
  2. Choose smoke free movies for your children by checking “Now Playing” on
  3. Advocate for changes to how the Film Review Board rates movies with smoking scenes.
  4. Learn more facts about smoking in movies, visit