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Infant and Child Development

Infant and Child Development

What Do We Do?

Prevention and Intervention

  • Meet with families to discuss concerns and observe their child’s development
  • Develop individualized plans to help reach a family’s chosen goals
  • Give practical suggestions to enhance developmental skills

Screening and Assessments

Mother and Child
  • Gather information about a child ’s unique strengths and needs
  • Monitor a child’s overall development using formal and informal assessments
  • Plan for transitions to community settings or school

Information and Support

  • Provide emotional support during challenging times
  • Assist parents to make informed decisions
  • Share educational information and resources

Service Coordination

  • Offer information about other early years programs and services
  • Assist families to access services and supports (e.g., referrals, funding) as needed
  • Collaborate with other services and professionals involved with families