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Child Safety

Child Safety

Home Safety Checklist

Every parent wants their child to be safe and grow up happy and healthy. You can make small changes in your home to keep your child safe. This checklist will give you tips on how to make your home safer for your child.


Prevent falls
Keep floors dry and free from spills
Use only non-slip, mats with rubber backing in your home

Prevent burns
Finish filling the tub before you put your child in the water
Turn off the hot water tap before the cold water because it leaves the faucet cold
Test the bathwater to make sure it is not too hot, before you place your child in the tub
Store curling irons/hair tools and razors out of reach of children

Prevent poisoning
Keep medications locked up and out of reach of children
Keep cleaning products locked up and out of reach of children

Prevent drowning
Close the bathroom door, even when not in use
Keep the toilet lid down or latched
Empty the bathwater right after use


Prevent falls
Only allow children over 6 to use the top bed of a bunkbed
Keep furniture away from windows
Keep windows and patio doors locked
Keep diaper change items within reach of change table
Keep children’s favourite items on low shelves where they can reach them
Make sure your child does not jump on the bed or other furniture


Prevent falls
Keep your child from climbing up on the kitchen table or counter

Prevent burns
Keep kettles, hot foods and liquids at the back of the counter
Place your child in a safe spot while you are cooking or drinking hot drinks
Use mugs with lids when you are having hot drinks
Cook on the back burners of the stove and turn pot handles inward
Cool hot food before feeding it to your child

Prevent poisoning
Keep cleaning products locked up and out of reach of children
Load and unload the dishwasher when your child is not nearby

General Home Safety

Prevent falls
Move furniture away from windows
Secure furniture like a bookcase or TV to the wall
Install stair gates at top and bottom of all staircases in the home
Keep children from jumping on furniture
Keep doors and windows leading to balconies closed and locked

Prevent burns
Set water heater temperature at 49°C or 120°F
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and near sleeping areas
Place fire screens or gates around fireplaces

Prevent poisoning
Remove or keep poisonous plants out of reach of children
Store cleaning and other poisonous products (laundry soaps, fertilizers, etc)
       out of sight and out of reach of children

Prevent drowning
Empty water from kiddie pools and pails after use
Keep children away from ponds, pools and streams near your home if you are not within
       arm's reach
Never leave your child alone in the tub