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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving

A Balanced Approach to Parenting

Did you know?
Parenting styles can range from being very strict to being overly relaxed. A balanced style that is both kind and firm is the best approach.

Support your teen while you enforce rules. This balanced approach to parenting can include:

  • giving freedom within limits providing support in a non-controlling way
  • talking with your teen on a regular basis
  • staying informed and involved in your teen's interests
  • helping your teen become independent
  • having respect for your teen's privacy as long as they are safe
  • setting rules and consequences with your teen following through on consequences when the rules are broken
dad and his daughter under the hood of a car

Example: ''I care about you and will give you the freedoms you earn. However, for safety reasons, you will do as I say."

Teens who say their parents provide support and enforce rules are less likely to:

  • crash
  • speed
  • use a cell phone while driving
  • drive impaired
  • drive without wearing a seat belt
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