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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving: Your Impact on Teen Drivers

You can make a difference!

As a parent, you have a greater impact on your teens driving than you may realize!

  • Teens say parents strongly affect their driving (even more so than their peers).
  • Teens say they learn the most from their parents.
  • You can help reduce your teen's risk of crashing by:
    • being informed about driving laws and restrictions
    • showing an interest in your teens hobbies, how they like to spend
    • their time and who their friends are
    • supporting your teen through good times and bad
    • setting rules
    • enforcing rules
teen boy with mum

As a parent, you have the greatest impact on your teens driving through:

You can make a difference.

Know the risks.
Talk about the risks.
Take steps to limit these risks with your teen.

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