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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving: What is Your Role?

Be Clear and Put It In Writing

red stylized stoplight The Problem:

''My husband is too much of a softy when it comes to our teen. I think both parents have to be on the same page when making rules and sticking to them".

driving contract

yellow stylized stoplight The Facts:

  • Your teen needs to know what you expect from them.
  • A Driving Contract can help you clearly explain the rules and consequences.

green stylized stoplight Try This:

  • Create a Driving Contract with your teen. Include rules that reflect your teen's current driving skills and consequences for breaking the rules.
  • Follow through with the consequences within the contract.
  • Change the rules as your teens driving skills improve.
  • Share the Driving Contract with other adults who may be involved in your teens driving (trusted adults, family members, etc.).

You can make a difference.

Know the risks.
Talk about the risks.
Take steps to limit these risks with your teen.

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