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A Parent's Guide to Teen Driving: What is Your Role?

Set and Enforce Driving Restrictions

red stylized stoplight The Problem:

''It's really hard setting rules and sticking to them with a 'pleading teen'. Although it can be stressful at times, I'd rather have a 'pleading teen' than a teen who has been involved in a crash."

yellow stylized stoplight The Facts:

  • Setting and enforcing driving rules can cause stress between a parent and their teen.
  • Teens want to know what you expect from them and the consequences of their actions.

green stylized stoplight Try This:

  • Set driver and passenger rules with your teen that match the risks of teen drivers.
  • Be firm and follow through on consequences.
  • Review the rules with your teen. Go ahead and change the rules as your teen earns or loses driving privileges.
  • Talk with the parents of your teen's friends. Agree on common driver and passenger rules that your teens will follow.
  • Ask your teen to call you anytime they feel unsafe to drive or ride as a passenger.
  • Show support when your teen uses good judgment, follows rules and improves their driving skills.
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