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Think and Drive

Think and Drive


  • Speeding can be defined as exceeding the posted speed limit, driving too fast for conditions, or racing (National Highway Traffic Safety Association, NHTSA).
    Pretty Scary
  • The higher the speed the greater the stopping distance required, thus the increased risk of a crash. Since more energy must be absorbed during a higher-speed impact, there is a greater risk of injury (World Health Organization).
  • Approximately one person a day is killed in collisions involving speeding and loss of control (Ministry of Transportation).
  • One-third of the victims killed in speeding crashes are vehicle passengers (Transport Canada).

Driving the Speed Limit

  • Obey the maximum speed limit posted on signs along our roads and highways, but always drive at a speed that will let you stop safely.  As a general rule, drive at the same speed as traffic around you without going over the speed limit (Ministry of Transportation).
  • Be realistic, give yourself enough travel time.  Always consider distance, weather conditions and traffic volume.
  • Maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles.

The Law

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