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Marijuana - In Durham Region

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Marijuana and our community

In Canada, the social cost of illegal drug use, such as Marijuana, is equal to $8.2 billion per year. This number takes into account the following factors:

  • Indirect costs (e.g. loss of productivity due to injury or premature death)
  • Direct health care costs (e.g. due to illness)
  • Direct law enforcement costs
  • Direct costs for prevention and research
  • Other factors (e.g. vehicle damage, fire damage)

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in our community. In 2013 alone Durham Region Police seized 9, 032 plants and 58, 033.04 grams of marijuana. Marijuana decreases a person’s ability to react quickly and pay attention. It can lead to injuries and collisions if it is used before or during driving and other high risk activities. Not only can marijuana use cause personal harm, but the possession of marijuana can lead to a criminal record and penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

Marijuana use statistics:

In Canada:

10 percent are marijuana users in Canada depicted by silhouettes

10.2% of Canadians over the age of 15 stated that they had used marijuana in the past year.

In Ontario:

1 in 8 driver depicted by silhouettes

1 in 8 drivers between Grades 10-12 reported driving within one hour of using marijuana.

In Durham Region:

2% of teens depicted by silhouettes

31% of high school students reported using marijuana in the last year

2% of teens depicted by silhouettes

2% of students in Durham Region between the grades 7-12 stated that they used marijuana every day

To decrease the harm of marijuana use in our community:

  • Know the health and social effects of marijuana
  • Talk to those you love about what you learned
  • Never drive a vehicle after using marijuana