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Teens Can - Emotional Awareness

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The Basics

  • The teen years can be filled with big emotional ups and downs
  • It’s normal for parents to want to protect their teen from getting hurt but learning to handle defeat and disappointment helps to build resiliency
  • Conflict is a normal part of life. Your teen needs to learn strategies to resolve it. Tips to resolve conflict: Stay calm  and take a few deep breaths, Focus on  the problem and not the person, Give each  side a chance to share their point of view, Together  think of  win-win solutions for  everyone
conflict resolution between a guy and girl
  • When your teen feels they are cared for, they can in turn be kind to others
  • Caring about another person’s wellbeing has benefits for your teen It can: Lower  stress, Increase  optimism, Improve  self-esteem, >Build  confidence
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