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Teens Can - Healthy Coping

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Things You Can Do

girls talking on the couch
Ask for help

girl outside in the winter
Take a deep breath

guy sculpting pottery
Create something

teens out wading in a lake
Spend time with friends

guy out for a jog
Go for a jog

person writing in a journal

girl laughing

guy litsenting to headphones
Lift the mood with music

boy in the woods
Enjoy the great outdoors

person on a mountain over a city
Find a quiet space

group of teens with guitar

girl and guy talking
Find support

Vent constructively

  • Create a home that supports healthy coping Promote physical activity, have healthy snacks on hand, eat meals together, drink water, help your teen make their bedroom a good place for  sleeping</li>
  • Role model healthy coping When you are stressed turn off the TV and go for a walk.
  • Talk to your teen. Listen to what they are saying. Don’t dismiss their feelings, reassure them.
  • Help your teen identify a source of stressChange, conflict with friends or family, school work or a busy schedule can cause teens stress. and together find ways to either reduce or manage it better
  • Together create a ‘Woordle’ with ways to handle stress or print out this one
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