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Teens Can

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Things you can do

  • Take care of your physical health Get 7-9 hours sleep; Eat breakfast, increase your vegetables and fruit and drink water; Be active everyday; Quit smoking and avoid or limit alcohol.
  • Make time for yourself Use your vacation time; Stay home when you’re sick; Find ways to do the things you enjoy (journal, learn a new hobby, spend time in the garden…)
  • Prioritize your tasks When feeling overwhelmed, pick which ones are needed and which ones can be left; Plan ahead, e.g. cook meals ahead of time, monitor your finances…
  • Create a positive work-life balance Leave work on time; Don’t check work emails or bring work home; Use breaks to do things you enjoy.
  • Make your drive to work and back less stressful Take a deep breath and listen to music or an audio book
  • Maintain connections Spend time with people you enjoy; Conflict is normal, take steps to resolve it; Pick your battles.
  • Think positively Note something you are thankful for each day; Laugh and have fun.
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