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Teens Can - Skills for Living

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The Basics

Your teen needs:

  • To learn time management Show your teen how you schedule e.g. phone app, computer, calendar, agenda…
  • Some independence to make safe mistakes For example, dying their hair or not wearing a coat on a cold day
  • To learn life skills Have your teen help out around the home with jobs like laundry, vacuuming, cooking…
  • Opportunities to show that they can be trusted For example, going to the mall or taking public transit to an event. Have a check-in plan, e.g. call or text.


  • Going through the steps to figure things out is as valuable as the outcome
  • Learning new skills takes time and practice Be patient and praise your teen’s efforts.

teen boy mowing lawn
Mow the lawn

girl on public bus
Take public transit

teen guy holding grocery bag
Help with carrying the groceries

girl washing plate
Do the dishes

teen boy holding pile of clothes
Do the laundry

girl chopping vegetables
Help make dinner

teen girl washing tires
Wash the car

girl carrying recycling bin
Take out the garbage and recycling

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